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Avoiding Risky Business – Start Ups

In these times of economic agitation it has become considerably more difficult to find a job – especially the job that you want . Starting your own business can be risky, but attempting it whilst we are in the midst of a recession is a very difficult task. However, there is another way that you can run your own business, and still, have a great chance to make it successful . Doing this is franchising – A franchise is the common practice of using another company’s successful business. The problems that come as part of starting a new company are drastically reduced with a franchise.

Obtaining lending from your bank will be considerably easier, and ongoing training and support will provide you with the confidence and understanding required to manage a successful business. One of the best plus points of becoming a franchise is that you get the use of an established brand; this will provide you with an already existing customer base along with making it possible to attract new customers – which is a profitable goal. With a budget for advertising, and good suppliers, business franchises have turned into an inexpensive, less risky option for anyone that wishes to run their own company .

Want to open an electronic cigarette store, got passion and drive? Great!

  • Beck's Vapor Lounge can help you with that too. We can guide you through the process of opening a dedicated E-Cig store.
  • Our business models work and we are happy to share them with you.
  • We are always delighted to work with established distributors.
  • If you have a distribution network and are looking to break into e-cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories 
    or you are already marketing them and looking for additional lines, then we would love to talk with you.

Our simple application form is the first step towards affiliating your drive with a company that understands the e-cigarette business like no other.

Apply today, we look forward to working with you.