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Welcome to Beck's E-Cig

We want to provide you the customer with the best vaping experience possible and as such our main E-Liquid is supplied by Hangsen.
Hangsen products have been tested thoroughly and are certificated by numerous internationally recognized regulatory bodies and safety organizations, including European MSGS,CE Certification and RoHS Certification. 
Hangsen use DOW's PG which is imported from the USA. This PG (Propylene Glycol) is of a pharmaceutical grade which contains no DEG.

Our supplier develops its e-liquid naturally from tobacco. E-liquid is significantly better quality when it has been extracted from tobacco than when it is synthetically produced, therefore our supplier has developed a 10 acre tobacco extraction factory in one of the largest tobacco growing areas which after many years of research has allowed them to produce the finest e-liquid forming the best electronic cigarette. 

Thanks again for choosing Becks E-cig. 
May we take this opportunity to wish a smoke free life style.

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